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ICMI’s Contact Center Expo: A Digital Edition provides inspirational sessions that matter to you, with high-quality speakers and more practitioner-led case studies than ever, this one-day conference is sure to educate and inspire you.

Unlike most virtual events, we invest in delivering an interactive, community-focused experience that’s rooted in practical and actional information and customized networking.

Click on session titles for full session descriptions. All times noted are in EST.

May 15 Wednesday | 11:00 am

Kick-Off with Brad Cleveland: State of the Contact Center Industry-Your Most Important FAQs

Keynote: Brad Cleveland

Session Type: Keynote

May 15 Wednesday | 11:15 am

KEYNOTE: What's Your Pink Cadillac? The Transformational Power of Prioritizing Joy

Speaker: Ryan Campbell  (Ryan Campbell)

Session Type: Keynote

May 15 Wednesday | 12:00 pm

Session 101: The Fab Life at Fabletics

Speaker: Damon Spurlock  (TechStyleOS)

Session Type: Session

Session 102: AI and the Role of Human Intelligence in Contact Centers

Speaker: Jeff Rumburg  (MetricNet, LLC)

Session Type: Session

Session 103: Change Management - The Human Side of It!

Speaker: Travis Stuart  (Cellular Sales National Contact Center)

Session Type: Session

May 15 Wednesday | 12:45 pm

Solution Spotlight: Modernize Your Workforce: Next-Level Performance Management

Speaker: Jimmy Chebat  (ZIZO Techologies)

Session Type: Sponsored Session

Solutions Spotlight: AI in Action: How to Unleash the Power of AI for Exceptional CX

Speaker: Michele Carlson  (NICE)

Session Type: Sponsored Session

May 15 Wednesday | 1:05 pm

Demo sponsored by NICE

Session Type: Sponsored Session

May 15 Wednesday | 1:15 pm

Session 201: Zero Agents: A Case Study on Rebuilding a Contact Center

Speaker: Erin Murdock  (Northern Arizona University)

Session Type: Session

Session 202: Revolutionizing Customer Experiences: Unleashing the Power of Generative AI!

Speaker: Sharang Sharma  (Everest Group)

Session Type: Session

Session 203: Future-Proof Customer Contact: Your Guide to Reskilling and Upskilling

Speaker: Bryant Richardson  (Real Blue Sky LLC)

Session Type: Session

May 15 Wednesday | 2:00 pm

Sponsored Session: The Exponential Power of CX AI

Keynote: Heather Hughes  (NICE)

Session Type: Keynote

May 15 Wednesday | 2:20 pm

Session 301: Cultivating Courage: Transforming Contact Center Excellence with Continuous Improvement

Speaker: Adrienne Fischer  (STCU)

Session Type: Session

Session 303: Maximizing Impact: Leveraging Technology to Drive Experience

Speaker: Doug Rabold  (Bold Ray Consulting)

Session Type: Session

May 15 Wednesday | 3:05 pm

Brain Break: Playtime at the Warrior Canine Connection!

Session Type: Session

May 15 Wednesday | 3:15 pm

Session 401: Think Big, Start Small, Move Fast

Speakers: Courtnie Garteski Bergler  (Mayo Clinic), Brenda Johnson  (Mayo Clinic)

Session Type: Session

Session 402: The Social Channel You're Ignoring: How to Respond to Ratings and Reviews

Speaker: Leslie OFlahavan  (E-WRITE)

Session Type: Session

Session 403: AI Promise vs. Reality in Contact Centers

Speaker: Christa Heibel  (CH Consulting Group)

Session Type: Session