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Schedule 2024

Session 102: Embrace Emotional Agility and Transform Your Contact Center

Bryant Richardson  (Founder & President, Real Blue Sky LLC)

Date: Wednesday, October 23

Time: 10:15 am - 11:15 am

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Track: Elevate Your Strategy and Leadership, Boost Your Culture

Session Type: Session

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As the demands on contact centers grow more complex, the emotional agility of our teams is becoming a critical key to success. We will cut to the core of what makes a team truly effective in this environment. We're moving past the usual scripts and protocols to the essence of human interaction—honing in on emotional intelligence, empathy, and adaptability.

Attendees will gain invaluable insights into the components of emotional agility, including self-awareness, emotional regulation, empathy, and adaptability, and understand how these skills can dramatically improve the quality of customer interactions, leading to increased customer satisfaction. We'll also address the positive impact of emotional agility on employee well-being, including stress reduction and improved job satisfaction. We'll tackle the common challenges contact center staff face, from managing stress and avoiding burnout to dealing with difficult customers, and provide practical, actionable strategies to overcome these obstacles.

In an era where customer experience reigns supreme, mastering the art of managing emotions effectively can become your team's super power. Join us to discover how investing in emotional agility can transform your contact center into a more empathetic, resilient, and efficient operation, setting a new standard for customer service excellence in the industry.


1. Master Emotional Agility: Learn the core components of emotional agility—self-awareness, emotional regulation, empathy, and adaptability—and how mastering these can transform your contact center's approach to customer service.

2. Practical Strategies for Real Situations: Gain actionable strategies and training exercises designed to enhance your team's emotional agility. Discover how to navigate high-stress situations, manage difficult customer interactions, and prevent burnout.

3. Leadership's Role in Cultivating Agility: Understand the critical role of leadership in fostering an emotionally agile team. We'll cover how to model emotional agility, create a supportive culture, and implement policies prioritizing mental health and well-being.

4. Measure and Maximize Impact: Dive into effective tools and techniques for measuring emotional agility and its impact on customer satisfaction and team performance. Learn how to use feedback and metrics to improve your team's emotional agility continuously.

5. Future-Proof Your Team: Explore the future of emotional agility in the contact center and how it will become increasingly vital in delivering exceptional customer service. Get insights into leveraging technology to support emotional agility and prepare your team for the challenges ahead.