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Schedule 2024

Vanessa Hardy-BowenDirector of Guest Care & Contact CentersSpirit Airlines

I am an accomplished Senior Leader who is passionate about finding the best way to support our guests, our employees, and our organization in achieving our goals together. As a seasoned veteran of the contact center world, I have endeavored to establish cross functional relationships to show the value of the interactions that we have with guests and the incredible intelligence that can be garnered from it. I am a change agent, who is constantly looking to get a little better every day while driving transformation of the team. With a heart for data and analysis, partnered with wisdom and experience, I help to chart the course for our organization through direct management of the center and a large sphere of influence on the guest experience and corporate direction for our enterprise. Driving change, I stay in tune with how the organization functions, while also establishing plans to de-risk any landmines in the way. A technology junkie, I firmly believe that we need to be on the cutting edge of where the tools that are available to us can improve our world. I am also a huge proponent of ensuring the process that is established is the appropriate process for that tool set and believe that proper deployment is critical to receive the maximum benefit from technology. Old process with new tools doesn't drive transformation! I love sharing from my experience, while learning from the experiences of others to ensure that we all win together.