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ICMI’s Contact Center Expo: A Digital Edition provides inspirational sessions that matter to you, with high-quality speakers and more practitioner-led case studies than ever, this one-day conference is sure to educate and inspire you.

Unlike most virtual events, we invest in delivering an interactive, community-focused experience that’s rooted in practical and actional information and customized networking.

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Session 202: Revolutionizing Customer Experiences: Unleashing the Power of Generative AI!


Sharang Sharma  (Vice President, Everest Group)

Date: Wednesday, May 15

Time: 1:15 pm - 2:00 pm

Session Type: Session

Vault Recording: TBD

This session provides a foundational understanding of generative AI in the context of Customer Experience (CX), illustrating its potential to enhance interactions by tailoring them to individual customers. It explores how generative AI can optimize CX delivery by seamlessly integrating with existing digital CX technologies, resulting in more personalized and engaging customer experiences.

Furthermore, the session offers insights into how enterprises can embark on this transformative journey and outlines best practices for successful adoption. By demystifying generative AI and showcasing its practical applications, attendees will gain valuable knowledge to drive innovation and efficiency in their CX strategies.


Understanding generative AI: Learn the ropes of Generative AI—how it can impact CX and what are the potential use-cases

Real-life examples: See how top companies are using Generative AI to make their customers' experiences stand out, whether it's in online shopping, healthcare, finance, or other industries.

Doing it right: Share practical tips on how to bring Generative AI into business smoothly. Learn about potential challenges and the best ways to make AI work for customer satisfaction.

Keep it ethical: Explore the importance of being fair and open when using AI. Find out how to build trust with your customers by using AI responsibly.