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Session 601: Exploring Disparate Data to Unlock Customer Value

Bryant Richardson  (Founder & President, Real Blue Sky LLC)

Location: Session page in app

Date: Thursday, May 18

Time: 3:45 pm - 4:30 pm

Track: Elevate Your Strategy and Leadership, Maximize Productivity and Operations

Session Type: Session

Vault Recording: TBD

This session explores a case study with a consumer technology client.
Very often, we have so much disparate data in the contact center, it can be challenging to connect the data, let alone make meaningful use of it. Call detail records can tell you how much queue time, talk time, hold time a particular caller experienced – and even that they called back twice after abandoning. And while it may tell you which number they dialed or option they selected, it doesn't really tell you what they called about. Your trouble ticket system has the details about why the customer called – about two separate issues - yet has nothing about how frustrated the client was with the lengthy hold time that led to abandoned calls.

We will explore a case study in which we brought telephony, CRM, case management and survey data together to better understand customers, best practices, training needs. The net result was even better customer experiences, gains in employee experience and lower costs.

We will move into an interactive session to answer questions and discuss strategies or challenges the audience is experiencing.


1) Learn ways to connect disparate datasets in the contact center.
2) Explore methods to add the keys needed to connect data.
3) Identify approaches to uncover best practices and broad policy & procedure gaps
4) Involve employees in driving organizational improvements
5) Deliver better information that even your AI can take advantage of