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Session 203: How to Write FAQs That Answer Customers' Questions and Feed Useful Content to Chatbots


Location: Session page in app

Date: Wednesday, May 17

Time: 2:45 pm - 3:30 pm

Track: Maximize Productivity and Operations

Session Type: Session

Vault Recording: TBD

For better or worse, most companies offer customers an FAQ section at their website with the hope that customers will read the FAQs, get the answers they need, and avoid contacting Customer Care. In some rare companies, the FAQs do work this way, but in most companies, the FAQs are a hodge-podge of frequently/infrequently asked questions, marketing copy, and outdated content. Many FAQs are poorly organized, difficult to search, and tedious to read.

While it's always a problem when self-service content doesn't do its job, it's an even bigger problem for companies using a chatbot, which may be programmed to offer customers FAQs verbatim or built to learn from existing FAQ content. It's bad enough when FAQs disappoint human customers directly, but it's a terrible customer experience when a chatbot tries to "answer" a customer using that same unhelpful FAQ content. The customer's frustration becomes extreme.

In this session, you'll learn how to write FAQs that answer customers' (or employees') questions and provide the raw material to give your customers a high-quality, satisfying experience with a chatbot.


· How to ensure you're writing the shortest, clearest, and most useful answers to your customers' truly frequently asked questions
· How to anticipate customers' follow-up questions and embed access to this additional info into an individual FAQ
· Why you should "Marie Kondo" your FAQ content before using it to feed a chatbot
· How to write FAQs that help customers get things done
· How to write FAQ content in your company's brand voice
· How to write FAQs that do more than answer; they actually help